Building a Sustainable Future with Bees

Building Sustainable Apiculture Across Africa

Safeguarding the environment for the livelihood of bees, farmers and honey consumers.

Empowering Communities, Protecting Bees, Preserving Nature

Welcome to Africa Apiculture Consortium

Welcome to the Africa Apiculture Consortium (AAC), a non-profit apex body uniting the Apiculture Value Chain in Africa. We are dedicated to fostering a robust apiculture network by bringing together stakeholders from the private sector, academia, research, government, NGOs, and community groups. Our headquarters are located in Nairobi, with liaison representatives across Southern, Central, West, and Eastern Africa.


Safeguarding sustainable production, processing and distribution of Honey & its derivative products.


Our mission is to promote responsible industry practices to ensure the honey consumed every day is trustworthy and pure.


Our goal goes beyond honey production; We aim to safeguard and sustain honeybees, for the livelihood of bee-kind, bee farmer and honey consumers.


Our values guides our journey towards success. It begins with professionalism, responsibility, commitment, flexibility, innovation, honesty, confidence, our enterprising spirit, teamwork and focus on results.

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Apiculture Value Chain

Sustainable development across the honey value chain


We plant bee-friendly forage and flowering shrubs

Honey Production

Sustainable production of honey

Bee Health

Protection of honey bee

Community Empowerment

Capacity Building


Sustainable and Organic-Certified Practices

Uniting Communities and Creating Opportunities

Community Empowerment & Capacity Building

Our community empowerment and capacity building programs aim to uplift rural communities and bee farmers, providing them with the knowledge, skills, and resources to improve their livelihoods. Through educational programs, expert-led workshops, and skill-building initiatives, we equip beekeepers with the tools they need to be safe, profitable, and effective in their beekeeping practices, ultimately fostering economic empowerment and sustainable development.

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Support our Sustainable Beekeeping Initiatives

Your donation to Africa Apiculture Consortium (AAC) directly supports our sustainable beekeeping initiatives and environmental conservation efforts across Africa. By contributing to AAC, you become a partner in promoting responsible beekeeping practices, empowering beekeepers, and protecting honeybee populations. Every donation, no matter the size, makes a significant impact on the future of apiculture and environmental sustainability. Join us in making a difference today.

Your donation directly supports bee health and empowers beekeepers