Apiary Number 4 and Counting…

From the time we got to the farm, the bees made us aware of their presence and came to offload the beehives with us; the apiary was set up on Saturday the 24th of April. While we were setting up the hives onto their stands, there were a lot of scout bees following us around and getting into the beehives. By the time the last hive was set up in the evening. One colony of bees had already found their new home in our African Langstroth hives. Three days later, six beehives have been colonized and it can’t get more exciting that this!

Our eyes were set on Embu, a beautiful County on the slopes of Mount Kenya, a rich agricultural hub. The heavens conspired to bless the crops and the gardens and the dry weather roads did not cooperate, we got there at about mid-day and got to work immediately. The Mount Kenya Gardens site is beautifully endowed with vegetation ranging from Papaws, oranges, bananas, lemons as well as other naturally occurring plants. Our partners at Apiculture Venture guided us on choosing the perfect site for the apiary. We got to have all the beehives at the same location which makes it easier during management.

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