ApiTrace: Beekeeper and Apiary Management App

ApiTrace is a suite of applications powered by Bee.Watch.  By working in conjunction with each other, these applications give a comprehensive picture of an apiary’s surrounding environment.  Thus providing vital environment information to support the honey value chain and ecology. Information includes:

For a Beekeeper 

  1. Apiary records – these include:
    • Hive treatments
    • inspections
    • Honey harvest
    • Colony losses
    • Swarm notifications
    • Pesticide exposure, with eco-toxicity alerts from local pesticide users
  2. Beekeeper qualification records
  3. Api-trace payment system.

For a Pesticide User

  1. Pesticide Management system to record all pesticide usage including tank mixes
  2. Pesticide alerting system to local beekeeper users
    • With eco-toxicity reports
  3. Ability to fulfil government reporting requirements.

Hosted on an ISO secure cloud database, all ApiTrace data is accessible on Android or iOS devices alongside a personal web page account. Consequently, there is an annual cost for data hosting covered by your membership fee.