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Enhancing Honey Value Chain

Africa Honey Consortium platform enhances honey value chain as an integral part global agribusiness production, processing and distribution through traceability in  food systems for quality and market linkages.

Our strategic focus

  • Improved Honey food safety systems and quality (Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards).
  • Market linkages through-out honey value chain at national, regional and global levels
  •  Integrated Traceability through electronic/ digital system stages of production, processing & distribution
  • PPP-Partnership with stakeholder in development of Beekeeping Infrastructure across Africa

Africa Honey Consortium comprises of diverse stakeholders

  • International organisation
  • Producer organisations
  • Processors
  • Machinery and equipment suppliers
  • Logistics
  • Government agencies and departments
  • Academia
  • Research institutes
  • Civil society organisations
  • Private sector

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We promote responsible industry practices to ensure the honey consumed every day is trustworthy and pure.

Honey Value Chain

We have developed a sustainable and organic-certified honey value chain in Africa. The major functions in the honey value chain include inputs supply, beekeeping, collection and processing, wholesale/ retail and the final consumption. 

Honey traceability

We trace the source of honey and verify it is from uncontaminated source. Our certification program assures consumers that the honey-containing products they buy contain exactly what their labels claim. It also supports the global honey industry by demonstrating compliance to international trade laws. We helps honey producers, importers and brokers voluntarily demonstrate their commitment to responsible honey sourcing and reassures consumers that the country of origin on the label is correct.

Honey Production

We advocate for the sustainable production of honey. We are committed to ensuring honey is sustainable today and for future generations. This begins with healthy bees and extends to protecting the natural resources they depend on. That way, you can feel good about each drop and drizzle of honey you enjoy.

Bee Health

We commit to working together as an industry to protect honey bee production and health, as well as raise consumer awareness about the link between healthy bees and the honey we love.

We plant bee-friendly flowers and flowering herbs, We Reduce or limit the use of chemicals and pesticides, Bees are thirsty. We Put shallow basins of fresh water with marbles or rocks in it for the bees to land on outside your home, We practice beekeeping with sustainable practices.

Community Empowerment & capacity Building

We helps rural communities and bee farmers to raise additional income to improve their livelihoods through empowerment programmes and capacity building.  Our program offer educational program with a great line-up of expert who equip the farmers with the requisite knowledge to be a safe, profitable and effective beekeeper.

Pollination Services

Pollination is the most important role that honey bees fulfill for human kind. Without honey bees we could not achieve the crop-yields that we do. Without honey bees many foods that we have taken for granted and the seeds to produce these foods would not exist or would be very scarce — fruits, legumes, nuts, etc.

If you are small farmer or serious gardener who wishes to ensure a successful yield of produce or seed, we offer limited pollination services.


We have worked with businesses and take on projects from start to finish creating sustainability & real impact especially with smallholder and medium scale beekeepers by building and strengthening strong honey value chains in remote areas. We have also help set-up Honey plants for up coming small businesses and train them on how to use and manage their equipment.

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