Pesticide Management App

Pesticide Management Application

On your PC, tablets and smart phone

  • Personalise pesticide active ingredients, products and tank mixes
  • Schedule and anonymously send pesticide treatments alerts
  • Manage plant protection products (ppp) and treatments
    • Personalise pesticide active ingredients, products and tank mixes
  • Pesticide eco-toxicity indication and analysis via link to 
  • Pesticide Property Database for each active ingredient
  • Export and Print personalised reports of all pesticide treatments
  • Pesticide treatment map and weather forecasts

Notify beekeepers and bystanders of pesticide use

  • Anonymously communicate treatments to beekeepers and bystanders.
  • Notify of what, when and where is being sprayed.
  • Accepted Farm Assurance communication method*. This delivers the DEFRA (2006) Pesticide Code of Practice for using ppp and the NFU Neighbourhood Initiative for sprayer operators.
  • Send swarm alerts
  • Track/record invasive/seasonal species of fauna and flora
  • Escalate information to any environmental organisation.

Api-Trace `Spray Liaison`

  • Interactive map of all Api-Trace pesticide treatments within BKA
  • Users include spray contractors, pesticide users with treatment in
    multiple locations, landowners and beekeeper associations.